Added on 17th Dec 2018

A new publication in Wiley illustrates that Smartfish Recharge Omega-3 may through reducing aggressive behavior in children also have long term effects on the whole family

Recharge Omega-3 were given to the study participants for 6 months

Recharge Omega-3 were given to the study participants for 6 months

The recently published study on aggressive behavior in children has received some attention in the media lately. 200 children were recruited to participate in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The children were randomized to either receive a fruit juice rich in omega-3 (Recharge Omega-3) or the same fruit juice without the omega-3 for 6 months. The parents reported both mental and physical aggression towards children and between partners at the beginning of the study, after the 6-month intervention and again after 12 months.

The results from the study show that Recharge Omega-3 can provide long-term reduction in aggression and improved behavior in children. The researchers also found a correlation between the adults’ aggression and improvements in the children’s externalizing behavior. The results of the study suggest that improving children’s behavior through supplementing with omega-3 can have long-term effects on the whole family.

In an article on Nutra Ingredients, Harry Rice, PhD, VP of regulatory & scientific affairs for the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s commented that “This research is simple, yet really quite elegant. By improving a child’s behavior, the overall stress level in the household is decreased which leads to family members getting along better.”