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Scientifically proven result

Scientifically proven results

Three sports-specific clinical studies have been conducted on Recharge products. In one study, Smartfish Recharge High Protein demonstrated improved muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. The study documents that Smartfish Recharge High Protein stimulates muscle recovery more effectively than a drink with identical protein content, and a carbohydrate control drink (placebos). The study was conducted by the University of Stirling. The researchers measured the effects of Smartfish Recharge High Protein on speed, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and stress indicators in football players.

A recent study confirmed earlier results from the football study at the University of Stirling. The study was conducted on 20 professional rugby players, randomised to receive either Recharge High Protein or a protein-based placebo twice daily for five weeks. The effect of the product was measured by muscle soreness, countermovement jump (CMJ) and mental well-being. After five weeks, a positive effect of Recharge High Protein was observed in terms of muscle soreness, CMJ performance and fatigue compared to day zero. The results show that Recharge High Protein can reduce muscle soreness and maintain muscle function and explosive power after hard exercise.

There has also been conducted a study involving Recharge Lipid+. 21 male cyclists and triathletes were included in the study and randomized to two groups supplemented twice daily with either Smartfish Lipid+ or a control. Expired gas was collected at rest and during 60 minutes of cycling at 85% of the individual lactate threshold. After 4 weeks of supplementing with Recharge Lipid+ the respiratory exchange ratio and carbohydrate oxidation increased during steady-state cycling. Fat oxidation, however, decreased during exercise.