Sustainable Smartfish fundamentals

Sustainable Smartfish fundamentals

Smartfish is committed to reducing harm to the environment and aiming for outstanding natural resource efficiency in our business activities. Smartfish actively works to limit its environmental impact through sustainable use of resources, production, packaging and transport.

Sustainable sourcing

The fish oil used in Smartfish’s products is from wild catch from clean Norwegian waters. Stocks of wild cod along the Norwegian coast are plentiful and carefully managed. The fish oil is taken from the cod’s liver, where the fish oil is extremely concentrated, and this contributes to using all parts of the fish for food with minimal waste. Every day during the fishing season the fish is delivered to selected stations nearby and is carefully cleaned and stabilised.

A Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification has been granted to our fish oil.

“Choosing products with the MSC blue label allows you to enjoy eating seafood in the knowledge you have made a positive choice to support well-managed, sustainable fisheries”.

More information about the MSC certification can be found here:

Natural ingredients

Smartfish aims to use natural ingredients only. The definition of “natural” is changing over time and may differ from country to country.

Environmentally friendly packaging

The packaging used for all Smartfish products is recyclable paper cartons produced from sustainably managed forests. The Tetra Pak packaging is recyclable and has a low carbon footprint.

The square shape of the packaging enables efficient storage and shipment of the products, with a minimum of dead space. In addition, the packaging provides the product with excellent shelf stability, which prevents food waste.

Risk mitigation

Smartfish is a small company and has therefore developed a solid risk mitigation strategy. It includes all aspects of the business, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and organisational structure.

The company has a set of standard operating procedures that include raw material control, microbiological analysis of every production batch, and guidelines and mechanisms for the management of product safety, storage and transport.

Anti doping

All Recharge products are guaranteed free from substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and are Informed Sports certified. This means that every production batch is tested in the lab of Informed Sports. Recharge is currently used by top athletes across the professional and amateur spheres. Our three Recharge products can be found on the Informed Sports Certified List:

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