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"We are delighted to announce this new agreement with Smartfish. The Club prides itself on our ability to maximise player performance in both training and matches. Recovery is just as important as any training session on the pitch and Smartfish will provide us with the best products to do that"

Dr. Shabaaz Mughal

Former Tottenham Football

"We use Smartfish to help the body recover its strength. I believe it helps us sustain the large amount of training."

Thomas Alsgaard

Cross country skier

"I have completed training camps involving 35-40 hours of training with no problem - and without getting ill afterwards. The body quite simply absorbs more training"

Kari Lingsom


"We use the Smartfish product in verydifferent ways. We can use it to help players recover after an injury. And it can help the players to recover after a very intense training or after a match."

Carlos Caetano

Dietician- Benfica LAB

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