Intro pack

Intro pack

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The perfect package for you who wants to try Smartfish! 

Includes 6 Recharge Fuel

The Omega-3 Index shows the amount of EPA plus DHA in your blood and can tell you a lot about your overall health.

Many athletes do not get the recommended amount of omega-3 from food and can benefit from an increased omega-3 intake.

Smartfish can help you reach an optimal level of omega-3 for optimal performance.

Premium quality,

premium fish oil

All our omega-3 drinks contains 100% Norwegian cod liver oil from seasonal wild catch Arctic Cod, also known as "Skrei". Friends of the Sea certified and fished with respect for nature from small fishing boats.

Trusted by professionals

Our products are enjoyed and preferred by world class athletes in a wide range of sports.

Premier League The Olympic Games Formula 1 • Iron Man • Bundesliga • And more

The ultimate packaing

Made from renewable raw material, recyclable and stackable for more efficient transport.
That's what we call the ultimate packaing