Brain function

Marine omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids are important for the brain function and brain development. The DHA fatty acids in particular have a documented beneficial effect.

Children and young people with behavioral problems.

Approximately 60 per cent of the brain is fat and the most important of these fatty acids is the marine fatty acid DHA. In partnership with the renowned researcher Adrian Raine, Smartfish conducted an extensive study of 200 children and young people who used Smartfish or placebo for six months. One of the aims of the study was to investigate whether Smartfish and the DHA fatty acids could reduce behavioral problems. The results were incredibly compelling and the study has been published in «The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry».

In essence, Smartfish is significantly reducing child behavior problems

– Adrian Raine

Athletes and concussions

Can DHA and EPA fatty acids have a preventive effect for athletes who take part in contact sports, where there is a risk of impact to the head? Mouse experiments indicate that DHA and EPA fatty acids can prevent concussions. Similar studies on humans are currently being undertaken.

In USA, both the National Hockey League (NHL) and the American Football League (NFL) recommend that the players take DHA and EPA in order to better withstand potential impacts to the head.

At the University of Stirling in Great Britain, there is an ongoing study where the researchers are investigating if Smartfish can have a preventive effect on concussions from repeated hits to the head.