Immune response & inflammation

Hard training sessions expose the body to stress, which can lead to a detrimental increase of inflammation in the body.

The anti-inflammatory effects of DHA and EPA fatty acids are well documented from research into chronic illnesses. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) has been proven in several studies.

Inflammation occurs as infections and is meant to protect the body from harmful stimuli such as bacteria and viruses. Regulating the inflammation is one of the tasks of the immune response. Inflammation is also necessary for repairing physical damage such as wounds, wear and tear, and impact.

Help your body regulate

A healthy body with a well-functioning immune response is moreĀ capableĀ of regulating the inflammation processes. However, sometimes the immune response can react in a way that is detrimental or harmful. Occasionally the body will trigger an acute inflammation that is too strong. This may, for example, occur while injuries are healing and result in the healing process taking longer. A chronic inflammatory condition that the immune response is unable to stop is harmful.


Smartfish was used in a study conducted by University College Dublin. In it they investigated whether the use of Smartfish can reduce URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections) in active athletes. This study is now complete and the results indicate that the group that used Smartfish had a lower prevalence of upper respiratory tract infections than the control group. The study will be published.

Athletes more susceptible

Athletes experience upper respiratory tract infections much more often than unfit people. Around half of the cases of illnesses among the Norwegian team at the Winter Olympics in Turin were due to upper respiratory tract infections.