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World COPD Day


Smartfish conducts research on nutrition drinks for COPD patients in Sweden

World COPD Day is an annual event organised by the organisation GOLD (Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease) to increase awareness on chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) worldwide.

Many patients suffering from COPD are malnourished. Weight loss for patients with COPD is often associated with loss of muscle mass, reduced fat depots, osteoporosis, reduced muscle strength and worsened function in the diaphragm muscle which is important for respiration. Malnutrition (cachexia) along with COPD is even linked to systemic inflammation and increased risk of infection due to the weakened immune system.

Malnutrition accompanying COPD can be treated with a high quality nutritional supplement together with physical activity.

Smartfish Nutrifriend nutrition drinks are developed for special medical purposes: for patients with disease related malnutrition, for example patients with COPD. The drinks are based on juice and have a high content of omega-3 as well as high levels of protein.

Smartfish is currently conducting a research study at five clinics in Sweden, where Nutrifriend is given to patients with moderate to severe COPD. Recruitment of patients is still ongoing.

Further information about the ongoing COPD study is found on the following link:

Jens Nordahl, CEO of Smartfish, says the company is confident that Nutrifriend in the future will be a natural part of the treatment of malnourished CODP patients. The company has also recently initiated a similar study in patients with lung cancer, which is another patient group where Nutrifriend is anticipated to have a beneficial effect on the symptoms caused by malnutrition.


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